Thursday, November 25, 2010

What's passion got to do with it?

We have passion for our children so we take care of them, nurture them and love them.
We have passion for our husbands so we take care of him, support him and love him.
We have passion for our hobbies, outlets and spiritual practices so we participate with energy.
If we have passion for our health then we need to take care of ourselves, support ourselves and love ourselves. What does that mean?
If your child calls for you from the next room - what do you do? You put down whatever it was that you were doing and go to them. There is no inner conversation like 'He can wait - I have to watch the rest of this show' or 'It's probably nothing - I'll get to her later'. No - you just go!
Passion is a state of consciousness. It is the engine that drives the action. Without passion there is no result. That's why it is recommended to find a job or profession that you are passionate about.
Becoming passionate about your health means that every time you go to the grocery store your passion tells you to buy fruit instead of PopTarts, raw sugar instead of sweet 'n' low, oatmeal instead of Cheerios. There is no bargaining with your consciousness.
Being passionate about your fitness means that you FIND SOMETHING THAT YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT AND LOVE DOING. Even if it means putting on some music, closing the door and dancing around the room for an hour. It means finding something that you look forward to doing every day. It should be a ritual like brushing your teeth, combing you hair, putting on makeup, having that morning cup of coffee or tea or meditating for 5 minutes before you hit the door.
If working out is a chore or something you're going to do until you lose 10 pounds not only will the results be slow (if at all ) but as soon as you stop you will go back to what you knew before and the 10 pounds will find you again.
Stop telling yourself how much you hate your thighs or tummy or legs. Your body can hear that! How does it feel when you know when someone hates you or when you hate something. Hate is a very disturbing energy especially when its directed at yourself. Shift your consciousness to loving yourself. Love is healing and energetic.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Let me know what you think of this idea. Since I live in Miami we'll start there. For those of you who haven't gone to my website, I invented a way to walk holding bands in the hands instead of heavy and bulky hand weights. Holding the bands and walking offers more range of motion, diversity and flow to the upper body exercises. I am a dance teacher and I teach a dance class HOLDING GYM IN A SHOE.
How about we all get together (literally) and share our ideas and I will teach a class for everyone! We could meet every three months. I think a physical connection every once in while is a good thing. We'll have more time to get to know each other. I'll teach, you bring your products and maybe someone could bring some treats.
If mommy bloggers from the rest of the U.S. are reading this I can come to your town and teach a class there. We can share the dance experience and network at the same time. We're all here to help each other. There were times during the process of creating my business that were very dark and the thought of quitting did cross my mind. The energy from my friends really kept me going. I felt that if I quit, I would be letting them down. Blogging is like having an extended family. Thanks.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


What better way to exercise your whole body than to walk in the fresh air. Gyms are noisy, expensive, crowded and not very sanitary. We need to take control of our own health and well being. We don't need personal trainers that I think are just glorified baby sitters. I was a body builder back in the 80's so I know of what I speak! There is so much competition between personal trainers. They are making people do things that are just wrong. A woman should never put a weight bar on her shoulders and do squats nor should she hold hand weights and do lunges across the gym floor.
Gym in a shoe offers walkers more diversity, range of motion and flow than those bulky hand weights or stiff poles. Go to to see the bands in action. We start everyone off with the least resistance bands. When you can do all 9 exercises for the duration of your walk, you graduate to intermediate strength and eventually advanced. When you put on your IPOD you can choreograph your own routines.